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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University

SGI United States

Simulation and Game Institute at George Mason University:

The business, education and R&D arm of the Computer Game Design Program at George Mason University is the Simulation and Game Institute (SGI). Founded as one of four in the world (Coventry UK, MDA Singapore, Northwestern SA) at Mason in July 2012, SGI offers Commonwealth public schools, businesses and universities hands on training, certification, research and development, emerging game company incubation, rapid prototype development, as well as links into leading edge commercialization outputs and technologies that will provide market advantage for the Commonwealth of Virginia businesses, schools and universities worldwide.
In 2013 the General Assembly of Virginia authorized a permanent financial allocation to support the SGI @ Mason, with the legal direction to increase support for emerging simulation and game companies to grow and expand at the Mason Prince William County Virginia. In partnership with Mason Enterprise Center (MEC), SGI will host over 10 serious games-related companies at our ‘Eccelerator’ on our PWC Campus, and provide business support to help these high-growth businesses grow and succeed in the Commonwealth.
Recently, SGI has partnered with InfoReliance Inc. (IR) in Fairfax, Virginia on a DOD contract with the National Center of Telehealth and Technology in Tacoma Washington to help advance telehealth and mobile diagnostic tools and games. Currently, SGI and IR are developing a next generation ‘Mood Tracker’, PTSD Coach, and additional mobile diagnostic and tele-treatment ‘games’ that implement the newest technological advancements to help Veterans and Active Duty Personnel receive the help they need, when they need it. SGI is using relational database (RDBMS) & cloud technology to incorporate image (picture taking and image analysis), sound, accelerometer, and gyroscope detection, as well as location services, and in the future, augmented reality tags, to better help our U.S. service personnel diagnose, manage and treat TBI and various levels of PTSD.

SGI U.S. is also working on Crisis Management Simulation Games for regionally based international security companies, Firefighting Commander Training Modules for the Fairfax Fire Department, Augmented Reality Archaeology Game Solutions for the Fairfax Park Authority, Underage Drinking Danger Apps for the Century Council, and Gang Education Apps for the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Office in Richmond.

For more information, please contact Dr Scott Martin, Founding Director