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Eduteams is a multiplayer system, specifically designed for groups of pupils to play on individual PCs (or Macs) over a network to collaboratively solve problems. Pupils play a range of 2D games where they have to work as a team to complete the given task, whilst competing against other teams for the highest score. Games last ten minutes, and are designed to be played more than once. Players can communicate with each other through an MSN-style chat system, therefore teams can be made up of pupils within the same class, in different classrooms and even different buildings.

Teachers have recognised changes within their pupils after using Eduteams once and even greater changes over a course of weeks, such as; increased communication, individuals realising the benefits of team work, shy pupils becoming less inhibited and disengaged pupils becoming involved and motivated by Eduteams.

Eduteams is the resource to allow teachers to think outside the box and introduce game play, in an educational context, into the classroom. Eduteams promotes a Learning by Doing approach, a huge benefit of learning through computer games; the learner can practice those vital skills time and time again each time realising the consequences of their actions, reflecting, planning and reinforcing the learning in a safe environment.

Technical Info
Platforms Online;PC;Mac
User Requirements Primary/secondary school pupils aged 11-14
System Requirements 1GHz CPU 256MB RAM
Java 1.5 or above
Demo URL