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Eliane Alhadeff

Eliane Alhadeff

Eliane Alhadeff, owner at Future-Making Serious Games, is acknowledged worldwide as a thought-leader in the fast-growing Serious Game Market. Author of the Serious Game Market, Serious Games Experts and Future-Making Serious Games Blogs, and guest author at Future Lab’s Marketing & Strategy in the UK, her last ten years modeling of the Serious Games space has provided much needed insights for organizations introducing Serious Games & Simulations to make a company’s value proposition more compelling.

Recognized as having an abundance of knowledge and a firm understanding of how games are utilized for education and learning, consumer engagement and customer retention, Alhadeff has become an industry evaluator for the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge that occurs at each year’s I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training & Simulation Conference) in the U.S. – the world’s largest modeling & simulation event. The SGS&C incorporates evaluation teams from industry, academia and government.

Alhadeff is also a judge for the International Serious Play Awards, a competition that gathers top-tier academic, business and government leaders at the forefront of serious game development. Winners are announced annually as part of Serious Games Association’s U.S. conference.In 2015, Alhadeff joined the SERIOUS GAMES ASSOCIATION'S ADVISORY BOARD to support the global serious games community with educational conferences, research and special interest groups.

Eliane Alhadeff earned an MBA in Business Administration from COPPEAD and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture + Urbanism (BArch) from Rio de Janeiro Federal University. She is passionate about exploring how entertainment and games can be used for building a better future. Her personal credo: If you want to change the future, play it first!


Kent Gritton - Director, Joint Training Integration and Evaluation Center, Orlando, Florida Area, US. JTIEC is the entity to foster training and M&S collaboration, or “jointness”, for US Joint commands and Other Government Agencies.

“Eliane Alhadeff is a games blogger who has been critical in helping the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) gain ground – both in the States and overseas. I first met Eliane at a medical Serious Gaming conference and we quickly developed a rapport. I invited her to be one of our SGS&C evaluators (something she attacks with zeal – always going above and beyond to evaluate more games than required), and when she saw the quality games that were coming through the Challenge, she was very interested in helping us to continue to get the word out and advocate for what we were doing. Eliane’s broad understanding of not only Serious Games, but also the international gaming market, proved to be a great help for the IPT during our search for leads to partner the Challenge with international venues. Eliane continues to be one of our most dedicated volunteers; merging her passion and vision for the future of Serious Games with others on our SGS&C IPT has resulted in real advances to the Challenge and thus to the genre of Serious Games. Way to go Eliane, BZ!

David Wortley - Former Serious Games Institute Director, Coventry, UK

“Eliane Alhadeff is THE global guru for serious games. Her blogspot is the bible for games based learning and the place I always look to for examples of best practice in all the various application areas immersive technologies can be applied. Eliane has touched the lives of many thousands of people through her work and is one of those individuals who can genuinely claim to have made the world a better place through their work. Although I have never met Eliane, she is an enormous presence in my work.”

Clark Aldrich - American author and practitioner in the field of educational simulations and serious games for education and professional skills. His published research, beginning in 1999, outlined the failure of formal education approaches to teach leadership, innovation, and other strategic skills, and then advocated interactive experiences borrowing techniques from current computer games as media to fill these gaps.

“I turn often to Eliane's work to keep me up to date.”

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