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EPSRC Servitization

The EPSRC funded Servitization project will transform how manufacturers will work in the future. Servitization is the process of transforming manufacturers to compete through Product-Service Systems (PSS) rather than products alone. The commercial and environmental benefits of PSSs are compelling and well documented. Adoption of PSS is frustratingly slow in mainstream manufacturing. Superficially the concepts find appeal but fail to gain traction as the potential implications to a business are complex.  
This project will develop applied game technologies, design principles and protocols, to transform the adoption of Product-Service Systems (PSS) within mainstream manufacturing companies and so accelerate the foothold of gamification in strategic business analysis.

The overarching aim of this project is to transform both our knowledge of servitization and the use of applied gaming technologies in strategic business decisions.  Specifically, the principal outcomes will be:
• Maps of the successful paths to servitization, enabling manufacturers to understand and navigate the barriers, risks and contingencies of the transformation process, and enable them to rapidly and reliably innovate their capabilities to deliver viable commercially Product-Service Systems.
• Maps of the technologies, game design principles and protocols, for successfully developing and deploying video gaming capabilities to real-life strategic business decision-making.
• A video gaming system that engages manufacturers with servitization, and helps them to efficiently explore the potential of PSSs to themselves, their customers and partners.
For more information please visit the Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice 

SGI contact: Dr Panagiotis Petridis