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Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University

Roma Nova

The Roma Nova project is a serious game taking place in a replica of the antique city of Rome, aiming to teach history to young audiences by means of an original engaging experience where the player is immersed in a crowd of virtual Romans. It grounds on a joint original research between SGI and the University of Toulouse around the Levels of Interaction, a framework designed to adapt a “divide and conquer” strategy to the interactions between the player and a crowd of interacting characters, differentiating between interactional and dialogic situations.
The project builds on existing state-of-the-art techniques like levels of detail and levels of simulation for crowd modelling, animation techniques for cultural heritage and pedagogical embedded conversational agents. Some original challenges are also addressed; the use of motivational agents for the long-term believability of a crowd of characters, situative learning and scaffolded learning models for immersive environments.The first demo version of the game features: An accurate 3d replica of the Roman Forum.

  • A crowd of realistically behaving virtual Romans, all of which can be engaged in a dialogic interaction
  • 12 engaging dialogues to learn about citizenship and life in ancient Rome
  • A hypertext database of more than 100 learning objects