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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University


The Joint Information Systems Committee has co-funded the Open Innovation Exchange Programme (OpEx). The project developed a demonstrator which is a demonstrator for academic-industrial open innovation engagement. The tool includes partner matching, as well as web services and toolkits on innovation, including mobile game apps for business and community engagement with integrated JISC resources.
These tools bring together SMEs with academic experts and postgraduate students to support open innovation between the sectors to nurture economic growth. Led by Coventry University Enterprises Ltd – which has an established expertise in BCE – the programme aims to reach a large number of SMEs and large companies, facilitating innovation by matching services between registered academics and postgraduate students in applied research areas such as computer science, engineering, art and design, product design, business studies.
OpEx utilizes the Innovation Diffusion Model (IDM) model for academic-industrial engagement. The project includes a matching service for aligning skills and partners, toolkits and guidelines for innovation best practice, an interactive environment for interworking, digital tools for registering interest and an innovation-readiness assessment tool using web-based and mobile game applications.
Together the toolkit and services will be evaluated with companies involved in the v-Trade cluster of companies and the European Enterprise Europe Network based at Coventry University’s Technology Park. The programme includes a register of all the applied researchers at the Coventry University. Beyond the programme, there is scope to make the project scalable and sustainable through membership, and open access to services via JISC.

SGI contact: Dr Maurice Hendrix

The OpEx marketplace can be found here