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METPEX will develop an inclusive passenger experience measurement (PExp) tool for European transport providers, passenger groups and municipalities. It will be validated in trials across consortium partner sites, prior to release its release. The tool will provide a standardised way of collecting mobility related information which can be used to optimise passenger transport systems based on an understanding of whole journey experience. Such a tool is needed to understand, plan, monitor and evaluate transport measures which purport to be inclusive and accessible to all citizens; to enable comparison across operators, countries and transport modes (walking, cycling and terrestrial forms of public transport, the interface between public and private transport); to set EU wide benchmarks; to standardise data collection procedures in future projects; and to identify the barriers to use for transport poor groups (e.g. the elderly, disabled, rural and low income families, those with poor levels of literacy).

SGI contact: Dr Panos Petridis

For more information visit the project website.