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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University


MAGELLAN’s overall vision is to enhance the creativity of people by establishing a web platform for cost-effectively authoring, publishing, executing, and experiencing location based games. This unique integrated web-based infrastructure will be targeted at both skilled professional authors, but also at everyday authors without deep technical skills. MAGELLAN will be underpinned by scientific research into the principles and technologies of creative and location-based experiences in order to ensure that the platform is innovative while also extending our broader scientific understanding of creativity.

This requires addressing a variety of technological challenges in an integrated and holistic way so as to create a usable and powerful online production environment in which a wide variety of creative people, from professional developers and web designers to dedicated amateurs and even children, can work. It is indeed a blend of a significant number of cutting-edge technologies [Figure 1], out of reach for the vast majority of creative industries and individual authors, as well as the location-based and often public nature of game play that gives these interactive experiences their distinctive identity and makes them so challenging to develop. Those involving multiple participants, competing or collaborating, are the most challenging. It is an FP7 project under the Technologies and Scientific Foundations in the field of creativity.

Dr Petros Lameras is responsible for carrying out the tasks of the project from SGI's side. For more information, please visit Project's website