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Inspiring Science Education

The Inspiring Science Education projects is a CIP-ICT-PSP European project started in April 2013 and will be completed in 40 months. The proposed project will significantly contribute to a) the implementation of the “Digital Agenda for Europe” and in particular Action 68 "Mainstream eLearning in national policies for the modernisation of education and training, including in curricula, assessment of learning outcomes and the professional development of teachers and trainers", and to b) the wide adoption of the recommendations of the Rocard Report “A new Pedagogy for the Future of Europe” that sets the basics for the introduction of the Inquiry Based approach in the science curricula of the Member States. To do so the Inspiring Science Education project will design and plan the implementation and run large-scale pilots to stimulate and evaluate innovative use of existing eLearning tools and resources (e.g. interactive simulations, educational games, VR and AR applications, modelling and data analysis tools, eScience applications, as well as, digital resources from research centres, science centres and museums) for scientific disciplines and technology, enhancing science learning in 5,000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European countries.

The aim of the project is to analytically map the process for the effective usage scenarios of the aforementioned applications in school environments as part of curriculum-led learning (integrating them in the everyday school practice) and or extra-curricular activities (e.g. visits to museums, science centers,research centers, field trips), coupled with home- and community-centered (informal) learningexperiences. The selection and integration of the eLearning tools will aim to support the best possible practices of learning, teaching, and assessment. 

The Inspiring Science Education project aims to integrate existing eLearning tools and resources around the Open Discovery Space social platform using its underplaying infrastructure and the services it exposes. The main technical components to be integrated belong to the following general categories: a) technical components used to aggregate educational resources from existing content federation and repositories (e.g. for the Open Discovery Space Portal), b) technical components used to aggregate existing tools for remote and virtual experimentation, c) technical components used to aggregate existing tools for inquiry and scaffolding, d) technical components used to aggregate learning activities designed to be executed with the support of tangible interfaces (such as augmented and virtual reality) e) technical components used to aggregate learning activities designed to be executed with the support of mobile devices and intelligent tools, as well as with the support of assistive tools for people with special needs and f) technical components used to design and deliver educational scenarios.

SGI is a technical partner mainly cotributing in devleoping the tangible interfaces of the project (i.e. a serious game among other web-based interfaces) for a number of learning activities to take place in the classroom and in out-of-the-school envrionments (e.g. science centres, science museums etc.)

For more information about the project please contact Dr Petros Lameras


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