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GREAT is a Long Life Learning project, supported by Leonardo Da Vinci EU programme, Transfer Innovation. The project aims to transfer innovative methodologies in learning and training, to enable trainers and teachers and training providers representatives to improve their work performance. By enhancing their creativity and innovation through game-based learning.

Traditionally, educational and training systems promoted an educational paradigm focused on the trainer as the center agent of action, and less as a facilitator/mentor of knowledge. In this sense, game based learning includes in the nowadays paradigm for the future of learning and takes importance on the E&T 2020 strategy, as part of informal and non-formal learning that promotes every dimension of its activities.

In fact, the methodology of the success of game-based learning strategies owes to active participation and interaction being at the center of the experience, and signals that current educational methods are not engaging students, enough.

The experiences of successful education projects demonstrate the great potential of applying dynamic practices and games as a novel method based on learning games, closing the gap on where to obtain information about resources and best practices relevant to the curriculum and a lack of awareness to quality issues in the context of games used for learning.

GREAT represents an added value, as aimed to engage trainees in a learning activity through a storyline, motivates trainers and trainees to evolve and learn more effectively.

Based on transfer of innovation from previous Engage Learning Project, which created an European Games-Based Learning (GBL) Portal and uses a combination of Web 2.0 technologies (forums, wiki, blogs, podcasts, web spaces) for the purpose, GREAT will focus in the construction of learning objects and materials, taking advantage of existing games.

SGI contact: Dr Panos Petridis

For more information visit the project website.