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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University


The EduGameLab project targets parents and teachers and develops concrete, specific solutions for their problems concerning serious games. Different (EC) surveys show that children are more and more using ICT and ICT based serious games. These surveys also describe that only 10% of the serious games are used for educational programmes in schools. Therefore proven positive benefits of serious game use remain limited to the private situation of children and are not deployed to achieve educational objectives and priorities. Research shows that improvement of the use of serious games in education largely depends on the attitude, skills and knowledge of teachers. Curiously enough neither the digital illiteracy nor the position of parents is taken into consideration while children and their use of serious games provides for an excellent link between school and home and between formal, informal and non-formal learning. The SGI has been developing a ratings tool for games in this project.

SGI contact: Dr Maurice Hendrix

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