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EFFMIS project aims to pool good practices (GPs) on exploitation of the usage of information systems in order to early detect, efficiently manage and handle forest fires and assess the damage caused and ways for regeneration. It aims to exchange good practices between the participating regions, so as to strengthen their position and capacities to respond better to the Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas on protection of the environment and the decreasing of CO2 emissions.

The project will focus on the exchange of good practices between the regions and will seek to develop regional action plans for how each region can position itself better in using information systems to protect its natural resources against fire and how each region can align its national policy with the EU legislation related to forest fires.

The project will use tested tools and methodologies to bring the transfer of good practices from the stronger standing regions to the weaker ones – namely site visits, taking stock of existing situations (environmental, meteorological, geographical) as well as potentials, piloting actions, outlining good practice catalogues and proposing concrete action plans.

Besides the exchange of knowledge and good practices, the project will envisage the implementation of targeted dissemination actions in key areas for forest fire detection and management.

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