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E-VITA - European Life Experiences – is a project focussed on game-based and intergenerational learning. Within the project, individual experiences, biographies, customs, knowledge and cross-border experiences in various European countries will be documented and shared in motivating and engaging web-based Serious Games.

These European cultural games are being developed based on the experiences and narratives of senior citizens from different European countries. Learning from one's own experiences and those of others is not merely a way to create knowledge - it is a means to share social and emotional intelligence, and develop an understanding of the lives of others.

Project AimsApplied research on game-based learning and knowledge sharing – E-VITA contributes to the development of innovative concepts and didactic models, essential in promoting game-based learning for knowledge sharing.

2) Applied research on intergenerational learning and exchange processes between seniors and younger generations. The project promotes lifelong learning and intergenerational processes using engaging and informal processes. In the context of the project, web-based Serious Game environments are being developed for everyone interested in learning from the experience & knowledge of older generations.

3) Promoting the development of intercultural competences – Within the framework of the project, older people, who have experienced several historical periods and events and are knowledgeable about the culture, habits, and behaviours of their generation will have the opportunity to reflect and share their experiences, as well as learn from the experiences of others.

4) Develop European citizenship and identity – those who are able to comprehend European history and culture and the achievements of the European integration process, and those who know of its context and consequences, are enabled with the ability to reflect and act sensibly and socially in the present and future. They are able take on responsibility for European active citizenship, and hence strengthen European cohesion and understanding.

The E-VITA games will be underpinned by a ‘situative’ pedagogy in which knowing and learning are collaboratively constructed through participation in the discourse and practices of a community. In this model, game-based learning activities are shaped by the physical and social contexts in which they occur and can be re-contextualised for new communities. Given the relevance of the context and activities, the game components will be designed following a participatory design process involving end users. The process will consist of iteratively analysing users’ learning needs and expectations, the game’s cultural background, the representations and artifacts to be used in the game and evaluating evolving prototypes to assure the game delivers the learning objectives.

 For more information contact Prof Sara de Freitas

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