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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University


The aim of the BOO-Games project is to support regional development authorities in understanding the importance of the games industry for the European economy. This project part funder by the INTERREG 4C programme gather 14 partners across Europe. In particular, the project focuses on the challenges policy makers are either not yet aware of or which they already face, as game relevant questions move up on the political agenda due to their economical and societal impact. Thus the project will centre on different elements, like: public funding, private investment incentives, talent incubation, cluster development and improvement of public perception of digital games potential as well as risk management for public authorities in the communication on game related matters. Matching together regions more advanced regions in this field with less experienced regions, the project will promote mutual learning by means of interregional cooperation, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the effectiveness of local development policies targeting the digital and interactive media.

The Boo Games project main aim is to boost the Video Games sector in Europe. This will be achieved in particular by making stakeholders aware of the impact of the sector in the regional, national and international economy. During the lifetime of the project several activities will be organised mainly under 3 types of activities: Thematic seminars, study visits and International conference.
3 study visits for public authorities’ representatives and staff members of the consortium will be organised in regions which have already developed policies and initiatives to sustain the games industry:

  1. Stuttgart, Germany, April 2013
  2. Paris Ile de France, Paris, June 2013
  3. West Midlands region  UK, September 2013

International conference targeting the economic importance of the game industry and the access of European games industry to the global market will be organised in Matla in December 2013 with the topic: Access of the European games industry to the global market .
thematic seminars for public authorities and staff members of the consortium covering the following topics:
  1. Business support to SMEs and Entrepreneurs of the games industry (Asturias 5th July 2012)
  2. Cross sectorial cooperation and impact of the games industry on other sectors (Perugia 5th October 2012)
  3. Misperception of Games and Risk Management in the communication of the games industry to the public opinion (Stuttgart April 2013)
  4. Access to finance for SMEs working in the games industry (Paris June 2013)
  5. Access to market, international cooperation and interregional networking among games clusters (Coventry September 2013)

To learn more about the Project please visit our website  or contact Soizic Tsin.


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